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The Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is considered as a gentleman’s game and leisure sports. This sport is well-received and popular throughout the world. It is usually played outdoor in a large course of about 200 acres. The main objective of this game is to propel the golf ball into holes using the golf clubs, sneaking in a golf rangefinder along the way. Playing golf doesn’t exhaust too much energy, and it also provides many health benefits. Thus, if you don’t have time playing other outdoor sports because of busy schedule, you should consider playing golf during your lean time and enjoy the physical and health benefits this sport has to offer.

Burns calories

burningSince the golf course covers very wide area, this means that the player will walk most of the time. Walking can burn more calories as well as carrying the golf clubs not to mention the swinging involved. Studies revealed that in every single game, a golfer may burn approximately 1000 calories.

Keep the heart rate up

Playing golf is a good exercise for the heart. It’s because walking and swinging don’t only burn calories but also increase the heart rate. Thus, you can ensure that there’s an increase blood flow and keep your heart pumping.

Improves vision

Woman playing golf on course

Ensuring to propel the golf ball into the holes requires good vision. In fact, golfers have the ability to visualize the target even in long distances. Playing this sport doesn’t only improve vision but also the eye-hand coordination.

Reduces stress

Golf is a stress reliever because playing this sport gives the opportunity to interact or socialize with other people sharing the same interest. In the same manner, walking along the course in a natural environment and spending more time with fellow golfers will set a good mood. Playing golf releases endorphin, a mood enhancing chemical that makes a person relaxed and happier.

Better sleep

Spending your day playing golf will take you to better sleep at the end of the day. Sleeping for longer hours can help in repairing tissues and muscles as well as regenerating cell.

Strengthen muscles and bladder

This sport is an effective way of strengthening muscles particularly in the legs and the quadriceps. It’s also the best way of performing leg exercises.
Indeed, playing golf offers many physical and health benefits. That’s why no matter how busy your schedule is, you should find time or set a schedule to play this sport. After all, it’s for your own good.

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