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Join me on a fitness journey as I reveal the secrets of attaining strength and improve your game.
Enjoy the flexibility while on the course and feel energized when you finish a round.

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10 Golf Training Tips to Improve Your Game

Golf is beyond just a physical sport. In fact, many people view it as a lazy sport since it does not involve running and really maximizing physical activity. It does not involve rowdily bumping into other players and tackling your enemies to win. Well, sure it may not be an extremely physical sport, but like any other sport there is, it is also important that you train your body for it. Golf is beyond a physical sport. It challenges you in mental and emotional aspects as well. The key points in golf training are flexibility, stability and precision. It is a mental sport because you really need to keep your mind active. You are required to calculate distances and trajectories to perfectly hit and aim the ball

Full Body Workout for Golf

Golf is a sport that requires you to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit. It requires incredible athleticism, in contrast to what a lot of people believe. Unlike sports that heavily rely on physical strength and adrenaline rush, golf relies more on stability and precision. You must have good hand-eye coordination, balance and core strength to hit the golf ball repeatedly and strategically. Besides practicing your skills on the golf course, you must also head to the gym to train off course. An ideal golf-specific workout will build and strengthen muscles that are very important in your swing. It will also improve your balance. It focuses on building up your core and leg muscles. Those parts of the b