Let Me Get You Golf Fit!

Join me on a fitness journey as I reveal the secrets of attaining strength and improve your game.
Enjoy the flexibility while on the course and feel energized when you finish a round.

Let's Go Joe!

Fitness and Precision Training Tips for Golf

More and more golfers these days turn to golf fitness training to further improve their health in the sport. Off course training has proven to be very effective in the development of a golfer's skills. What's very interesting is that not a lot of people are aware that golfers are encouraged to undergo fitness training just like all those athletes in the more adrenaline-based sports. Golf is a sport that greatly relies on precision other than physical strength, see here for example. It involves playing with a club and a ball. The club, particularly the shaft, is your engine and the power it's going to release will translate from your body. We all know that the main goal in a game of golf is to hit balls into the holes on a golf course with as few strokes as possible. Different kinds of golf