Let Me Get You Golf Fit!

Join me on a fitness journey as I reveal the secrets of attaining strength and improve your game.
Enjoy the flexibility while on the course and feel energized when you finish a round.

Let's Go Joe!

Improving Your Golf Focus

Perhaps the most important thing that a golfer has to work on and prepare for any game of golf is complete focus. Golf is all about precision and concentration and without these, spectators would certainly take notice. A golfer's main rival would be himself, rather than his co-golfers. In line with this, the most skilled player in the bunch doesn't always win.

Creating a Mental Picture

Before executing a move, a golfer should take in a few moments to build up the strength and precision, by closing his eyes and picturing the course in front of him. To improve your performance, it would certainly help that you internalize and imagine your shot as vividly and with as much feeling as possib