Let Me Get You Golf Fit!

Join me on a fitness journey as I reveal the secrets of attaining strength and improve your game.
Enjoy the flexibility while on the course and feel energized when you finish a round.

Let's Go Joe!

Off Season Fitness Tips

Preparing for a golf game is a lot harder than you think. It requires patience, focus and discipline besides physical strength. It is extremely important that you build your muscles and improve their flexibility to reduce the risk of muscle spasms and cramps while you’re in the game.



A golf-specific work out is not complete without flexibility training. Building strong muscles may result to stiff arm movements. So, it is very important to pair strength training with a series of stretches in order to loosen up these muscles. A good flexibility training exercise is by swinging your golf club repeatedly as if you are actually hitting the ball, but be sure to do this in a moderate pace. Otherwise, you will end up with an overworked body. This also exercises your abdomen flexibility as you swing your whole body and apply the brake afterwards.



In order to maximize your body to the fullest potential for a game of golf, you have to stay healthy. A very effective way to do this is having a proper balanced diet. It is recommended that you have a fit body to properly execute the results of your training. Not only does it cleanse your body and make it healthier; it also improves your discipline and ability to resist temptation. Good enough, don’t you think?


Be Stable

Stability is also one of the key factors that are imperative to being an excellent golfer. This is why it is essential that you train your core strength and leg muscles. With regard to leg strength, you must work them out separately because most of the time in golf, your body weight is shifted to only one side and this alternates from one leg to the other. Your leg muscles should be equally stable to ensure optimum support.

Be Mentally Active

As you’re getting ready for the big golf game, it is also essential that you keep your mind active. Golf is a sport that requires you to be physically, emotionally and mentally active, and you really don’t want that nice mind of yours to go rusty. Look up tips and videos to further enhance your golfing skills and take them all in.

Sure, maybe you’re the best golf player in town, winning tournaments and championships, but like any other sport in the world, you have to exercise your body regularly, and may these tips help you out further. Think of it as a trip to the doctor’s den for a regular check-up. Keep your body in shape and your head in the game!

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