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Fitness and Precision Training Tips for Golf

More and more golfers these days turn to golf fitness training to further improve their health in the sport. Off course training has proven to be very effective in the development of a golfer’s skills. What’s very interesting is that not a lot of people are aware that golfers are encouraged to undergo fitness training just like all those athletes in the more adrenaline-based sports. Golf is a sport that greatly relies on precision other than physical strength, see here for example. It involves playing with a club and a ball. The club, particularly the shaft, is your engine and the power it’s going to release will translate from your body. We all know that the main goal in a game of golf is to hit balls into the holes on a golf course with as few strokes as possible. Different kinds of golf clubs are used throughout the game. Each type has its own unique function and requires different strength control and skills. Hence, it is only right and essential for golfers to follow a carefully-drawn training program if they want to be perfectly fit to play on the golf course.

Functional Training

In this exercise, you will need a medicine ball that weighs around three to six pounds. Perform rotational lunges with the medicine ball as you move your shoulders in a circular motion.

Functional training aims to build muscles for a more stable and controlled command of the club. Before hitting the ball, a golfer must first establish stability and leg strength. When hitting the ball, we rely on our upper body muscles, especially the arms.

Flexibility Training

In this exercise, you will need your golf club/s. Swing the club repeatedly as if you are actually hitting the ball. Alternate clubs.

Flexibility training improves your swing and muscle flexibility. It’s not enough that you build your muscles for the sport. You must also make sure that your muscles are flexible and not stiff because a rigid body oftentimes make erratic swings and you don’t want that in your game. It’s kind of like a more advanced version of stretching. In flexibility training, our aim is to permanently make our muscles flexible. You’ll never have to worry about pulling a muscle.

Cardio Training

Train your endurance by jogging, swimming laps, or cycling. For best results, do these three times a week.

We all know that an average game of golf can go on for hours. Golfers need to be trained in endurance to withstand physical activity in long periods. This is what cardio training is for. It increases a golfer’s endurance by improving your heart rates and breathing.

Golf can be more challenging that you think. However, with the right practice and persistence, anybody can be good at it.

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