Let Me Get You Golf Fit!

Join me on a fitness journey as I reveal the secrets of attaining strength and improve your game.
Enjoy the flexibility while on the course and feel energized when you finish a round.

Let's Go Joe!

The Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is considered as a gentleman’s game and leisure sports. This sport is well-received and popular throughout the world. It is usually played outdoor in a large course of about 200 acres. The main objective of this game is to propel the golf ball into holes using the golf clubs, sneaking in a golf rangefinder along the way. Playing golf doesn’t exhaust too much energy, and it also provides many health benefits. Thus, if you don’t have time playing other outdoor sports because of busy schedule, you should consider playing golf during your lean time and enjoy the physical and health benefits this sport has to offer.

Burns calories

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Improving Core Strength for Golf

core strength
Core strength is very essential in playing golf, and in playing any other sport, in point of fact. Without it, winning each sport game will be near impossible. Although core strength involves the central body muscles, such as in the abdomen and around the pelvis, it can still be defined as a total body power. It may sound difficult and for some, even impossible to achieve, but with proper exercise for core strength improvement, impossibility will turn into a possible outcome. Improving your core strength is a much better option than yelling "get in the hole" at the ball after you hit it, you need to invest in order to achieve success. Here is a very effective workout that can dramatically improve co

10 Golf Training Tips to Improve Your Game

Golf is beyond just a physical sport. In fact, many people view it as a lazy sport since it does not involve running and really maximizing physical activity. It does not involve rowdily bumping into other players and tackling your enemies to win. Well, sure it may not be an extremely physical sport, but like any other sport there is, it is also important that you train your body for it. Golf is beyond a physical sport. It challenges you in mental and emotional aspects as well. The key points in golf training are flexibility, stability and precision. It is a mental sport because you really need to keep your mind active. You are required to calculate distances and trajectories to perfectly hit and aim the ball

Off Season Fitness Tips

Preparing for a golf game is a lot harder than you think. It requires patience, focus and discipline besides physical strength. It is extremely important that you build your muscles and improve their flexibility to reduce the risk of muscle spasms and cramps while you're in the game.


golf-exercises A golf-specific work out is not complete without flexibility training. Building strong muscles may result to stiff arm movements. So, it is very important to pair strength training with a series of stretches in order to loosen up these muscles. A good flexibility training exercise is by swinging your golf club repeat

Fitness and Precision Training Tips for Golf

More and more golfers these days turn to golf fitness training to further improve their health in the sport. Off course training has proven to be very effective in the development of a golfer's skills. What's very interesting is that not a lot of people are aware that golfers are encouraged to undergo fitness training just like all those athletes in the more adrenaline-based sports. Golf is a sport that greatly relies on precision other than physical strength, see here for example. It involves playing with a club and a ball. The club, particularly the shaft, is your engine and the power it's going to release will translate from your body. We all know that the main goal in a game of golf is to hit balls into the holes on a golf course with as few strokes as possible. Different kinds of golf