About Joe

JoeHi everyone, my name is Joe. I am a professional golfer and I have been for nearly two decades now. I was raised by a family of golf lovers in a small town in Australia.

“He was a very fast learner at a very young age,” my mom would often tell our ever-supportive neighbors and friends, my very first fans. I never did fall for it, though, since the sport was not something I learned overnight… and I really wasn’t a fast learner at all. In fact, it’s quite the opposite of what my mom would always say, although I do appreciate her for believing in me since day one. It hadn’t always been a breeze for me. I had back and shoulder pain pretty much every single day, but that did not stop me from practicing.

Like most people, I, too, was bad in arithmetic and science and I found out that golf was actually a sport for nerds, especially since you had to, somehow, deal with physics in calculating the ball’s trajectory and distance and whatnot. If you’re a golfer and you don’t know this, I believe you grew up with a different kind of golf-loving family. Joking aside, golf was a sport that requires physical, mental and emotional strength. Now, physical and mental strength are pretty much self-explanatory, but emotional strength? “How,” you might ask, since golf does not really fall in the adrenaline-based sport category. Golf is a sport that requires you to be calm and patient. For the most part, you’re going to feel stressed and pressured, so the challenge here is to separate those negative feelings from your body. You’re going to need a relaxed and optimistic mind and body to maximize your full potential on the golf course.

Honestly, I believe that anyone can play golf and be good at it. Anyone can go to a professional golfer and seek basic to advanced putting skills trainings, but it can never be done overnight. Moreover, if you don’t have the right attitude nor the right fitness training that goes along with it, being good at the sport won’t be a possibility.

My job here is not to teach you the science of the sport, nor will I teach you some basic to advanced putting skills. My job here is to provide you the right fitness and strength training to maximize your body’s full potential in the sport which I am very passionate about.